Triton Pirlo Cool Touch Mixer Shower - B00HXJWJDM

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  • Cool touch feature - ensures that the mixer valve remains cool to touch unlike most conventional bar mixer showers.

  • Thermostatic temperature control - if the water is used elsewhere in the household, the temperature is constantly regulated to within 2°c giving the user more precise control and safer showering.

  • Separate controls - flow and temperature are controlled separately, giving precision control.

  • Maximum temperature override - set your maximum temperature for safety of the family, but you can also use this override button to increase the temperature if needed.

  • Automatic Shutdown - if hot or cold water Supplies should fail, the valve will automatically Shutdown for extra safety.

  • Delivering a quality look and feel the Pirlo cool touch ensures that the metal valve body does not get warm to the touch, unlike conventional bar mixer showers. With the Pirlo cool touch, the cold supply runs across the valve before being 'mixed' to ensure added showering comfort and with it's thermostatic temperature control valve, it makes it extra safe for all the family.

    Triton Pirlo Cool Touch Mixer Shower - B00HXJWJDM

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